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Ronald Teaching

  • PLB 145. Sierra Nevada Flora (3)
    Lecture/laboratory — 30 hours (total); fieldwork — 50 hours (total). Prerequisite: course 102 or 108 or Evolution and Ecology 121 or Environmental Horticulture 105. An introduction to the flora of the Sierra Nevada. Basic plant identification, the principle plant communities and species of the Sierra Nevada. Class offered the first two weeks in July in the Sierra Nevada.

  • PLB 147. Survey of Plant Communities of California (4)
    Lecture/discussion — 2 hours; fieldwork — 3 hours; extensive writing. Prerequisite: Biological Sciences 1A or 1B or 1C or Molecular and Cellular Biology 10 recommended. Consent of instructor required quarter prior to course. Upper division standing required if enrollment must be limited. Selected plant communities analyzed for their structure and the relationship of their component species to the environment. Four weekend field trips required. GE credit: SciEng, Wrt.

  • SAS 20. Genetics and Society (3)
    Lecture/discussion—3 hours; two field trips. Examination of basic concepts of genetics, modern methods of biotechnology, the process of scientific discovery and the public perception of the process. Presentation, evaluation and critical discussions of the present and future impact of genetics on society. GE credit: SciEng or SocSci, Wrt.
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